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I studied photography in the early 80's then moved on to obtain my Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts, becoming a Media Production Specialist and working in both the commercial photography and video production careerfields.

With the advent of digital photography, and the fact that 'everyone' is now a photographer, I decided to leave the commerical world behind and focus entirely on subject matter that brings me the most joy - a sampling of which you will see on this website.

Although I am a self-taught painter, I have been an artist all of my life. Unfortunately I don't draw or sketch as much as I would like, hopefully that will change once I begin traveling more extensively.

If you have any questions about licensing any of the images or artwork appearing on this website then please contact me.

Thank you.

Donald E. Williams

All photography and artwork on this website is protected by U.S. Copyright DE Williams 2012 and may not be reproduced on any printed, digital, online or other media.